Steintorturm (Stone Gate Tower)
on the old city canal

We start our hike in Neustadt at the Steintorturm (1). The tower is over 32 m tall and one of four preserved town gate towers. It is the oldest museum place in town. The tower was built in 1430 for defence purposes. Already in 1887, a museum for municipal history moved in. Now, it houses a permanent exhibition about the history of Brandenburg’s shipping called "Along the Havel – ships, skippers, tradition". Many charts, paintings, ship models, equipment, special tools and clothes of the Havel skippers show an impressive picture of people’s life with the water.

On four floors, there are many charts that explain the role and function of the Havel shipping and how the river affected everyday life of the Brandenburg people. Of course, you can also learn about the history of sluices and bridges. Especially the bridges were essential for the growing together of the three once independent towns that consists of.

From the platform at the Steintorturm you have a great view over the historic centre.

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