Frankfurt is really located
on the Oder by now

The Hanseatic city Frankfurt (Oder) has evolved into a significant place of commerce thanks to its location on the Oder. The town harbour with its cranes, rails, magazines, and stocks had dominated the western bank of the Oder for a long time.

After World War II the Oder became a boarder. Furthermore it had lost its significance for transportation. The technical facilities to load and unload cargo were not needed any more. Thus already in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century a shore promenade was developed between Holzmarkt (wood market) and Stadtbrücke (Town Bridge). The 750th anniversary was the occasion for the city fathers to expand the boulevard from the concert hall to the Guben suburb. By opening a European Garden on the island Ziegenwerder the river bank became even more attractive. North of the Oder bridge, behind the concert hall, there were still old docks. They stretched all the way to an arm of the Oder called Winter Harbour.

Our hike starts at the concert hall "Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach" (1). Franciscan monks erected the former church from 1270 to 1525. The Gothic church has been a Mekka for concert lovers since 1967.

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