Jüterbog -
stray sands in the Nuthe lowland

The contemporary witness Thietmar of Merseburg reported in 1007 that he "would not recommend the intelligent ones to follow the enemy afoot" "with such a little band" at a place called "Jutriboc". Archbishop Tagino returned with his Christian troops.
These lines show that Jüterbog already existed at that time and that it also bore the same name. The little Nuthe has dabbled throughout the 1000-year-old history. The creek has its origin at Dennewitz / Niedergörsdorf. Many melioration ditches from the Nuthe-Nieplitz-lowlands nourish the Nuthe. For millennia water and swamp have affected people’s life.

Old settlements have developed here long before the thousand-year-old notice of the chronicler Thietmar of Merseburg. Near Bochwo archaeologists discovered an old ring ditch ensemble on air photographs. It consists of wooden picks and has weird cross-like entries. In Goseck near Weißenfels archaeologists discovered a similar construction. It was then rebuilt as mankind’s oldest sun observatory. The Jüterbog unit was built 4700 B.C. Archaeologists interpret it as a cult site.

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