Everything flows
Brandenburg on the Havel

Brandenburg on the Havel – "a town in flux". This labelling can be explained by a water coverage of 20% within the town boundaries. But the braided blue band is only one attribute which distinguishes the hometown of 75.000 inhabitants. By now, Brandenburg is 1050 years old and known as the "cradle of the march".
The city is the gate to Europe’s greatest connected water sports system. From the bird’s eye view you see the town separated in three parts which are embedded in lakes and canals: Dominsel (Cathedral Island), Altstadt (Old Town) and Neustadt (New Town). Here, water is everywhere. In the west, the Havel broadens to a lake district of 15 square kilometres which consists of five lakes: Breitlingsee, Möserschen, Quenzsee and Wendsee.
North of the city centre, the Beetzsee stretches far into the Havelland. And east of the city, the upper Havel creates an almost untouched floodplain with anabranches and islands. Clean water, fresh air and a diverse landscape close to nature are offering the best opportunities for great recreation.

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