Along the city canal

Further we go on the remodelled St.-Annen-Promenade.
Here the canal is your constant companion. You see the Church of the Holy Trinity (2) which was built from 1849-1851 in the round arch style.
This building has a great ecclesiastic and historic significance because it is the oldest Catholic Church that was built here after the Reformation.

The former Dominican monastery St. Pauli (3) is also of great historic significance. Erected in 1286 it burned down in 1945. In the ruin you can find the Archaeological State Museum of Brandenburg. It will open in December 2007. This gem of medieval architecture is also a fascinating place for theatre, concerts, and other cultural events. A visit to those two buildings is truly recommended.

We go on through the St.-Annen-Staße to the also remodelled Neustädtischer Markt (New Town Market) on the Dominsel. On the way there you will reach the pier of the "Neustädtische Wassertorstraße" (New Town Watergate Street) (4). You can rent canoes here. Right in the middle of town a landscape of broad water, swamp, and meadow opens up. That is pure nature. Nowhere else the connection of town and nature is as striking as at the Neustädtische Wassertorstraße.

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