A river returns -
through Luckenwalde alongside the Nuthe

Our hike starts at the market place (1). The city hall that was built in 1883/84 stands here. Not far away there is a grand tower. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the city hall with all documents
in 1647. Therefore we have no explanation why the bell tower and the St. Johanni Church are that distant from each other.
Theodor Fontane, the literary chronicler of the march, explains the distance like this: "The Jüterbog people ... wanted to steal the tower. But when the night watchman came they got frightened and dropped it. Ever since, the tower stands aloof." In fact, the tower has already rung since 1484 for St. Johannis church.
If you want to know more about the city, its inhabitants and the stories, you should visit the nearby museum of local history and the tourist information

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