Dominsel: Mühlentorturm, Dom St. Peter and Paul, St. Petri

The Mühlentorturm (Mill Gate Tower) is another octagonal tower and was built in 1411. Here you are leaving Neustadt and enter the Dominsel via Mühlendamm. On your way you are passing a boat trail to cross the Mühlendamm.
St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral (5) is the birth place of all Lord’s houses in Berlin and Brandenburg. On this island the oldest place of settling in town the first diocese of the march was established in 948. The old brick-lined building of 1165 is completely preserved beginning from the cross-coat up to the Knights’ Academy of the Brandenburg nobility. The integrated museum does not only appeal to historians. Here you can see the Brandenburg Evangeliary and other precious handwritings and prints.

We are leaving the island over the Domstrengbrücke and follow the Grillendamm towards St. Gotthard’s Church. The Grillendamm is a heaped up connection between Altstadt and Dominsel. You will find a place to swim here. There aren’t many towns where you can refresh right in the centre. Between 1840 and 1910 bald cypresses were planted on the Grillendamm. North of the Alps this type of avenue is very rare.

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