The Nuthe park

If you consider Luckenwalde’s development you might think that Fontane already predicted the changes after 1990 – even though he died in 1898: "Instead of the time-honoured Luckenwalde beer came ‘Bavarian beer brewed in Falkenthal’ ; gas came, the factories grew and the Nuthe became more and more blue." It’s Luckenwalde’s proclaimed ambition to make the Nuthe a vital part of the town with its 22.000 citizens.

The Nuthe park (2) opened in 2005 is an attractive proof for that. The Luckenwalde people even made some "genesis" here because they changed the course of the Nuthe. They created a little pond, an island, and a beach volleyball field. Lucious green plants are seaming the banks. Once the Nuthe marked the city boundaries. It was offering some protection since Luckenwalde did not have a city wall.

From the Nuthe park you can open up local history. It’s designated for “markers” of a prospective history trail that will inform about personalities and formative events in the city’s history. From here you can see the Vierseithof, the arts hall and the depot.

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