Historical buildings

Vierseithof (Four-Side-Court) (3). It’s a weird name for a four-stars hotel. Frederick II, called Old Fritz (1712-1786), did something very modern here: business development. From 1780 to 1785 he ordered to build the "great factory": a manufactury for armourers. Old Fritz had heard that due to a big fire in Gera 200 armourers became homeless. So Frederick offered them good conditions for settling in Luckenwalde. The arts hall is one of the historical buildings that belong to the ensemble. It shows changing exhibitons of modern arts.

Another historical building was reconstructed in 2006: the depot (4). Originally it was the Fähndrich brewery’s horse stable. About 1900 a house with a steam boiler was added to the building. It is an official architectural monument with nice clinker and interesting windows.

Unfortunately, we turn away from the Nuthe now. Because of the industrialisation in the 19th and 20th centruy it is largely not accessible any more. In the Breite Straße you will find a great house with a sun dial (5) which was built in 1906 as a residential and commercial house It seems not to fit in Luckenwalde’s small town architecture. But it shows that the economy prospered here in the end of the 19th century. Theodor Fontane also realised that: "The old (bell) tower that once had dominated the townscape had to bring himself to share its old privilege with newcomers, until it almost disappeared in a forest of factory smoke stacks." The factories vanished and as the factory halls disappeared, the Nuthe emerged again.

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